Современный урок английского языка: новые тенденции преподавания

Английский язык
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Коннолли Ольга Вадимовна

директор по образованию школы иностранных языков BKC-IH Moscow, тренер международных программ Cambridge CELTA и Cambridge Delta

Кащеева Анна Аркадьевна

Дипломированный специалист по методике преподавания иностранных языков и культур;  обладатель  международных сертификатов CELTA, IHCYL, IHTTC и диплома Кембриджского университета DELTA, методист и тренер школы иностранных языков BKC IH Moscow, участник и докладчик международных конференций и семинаров для преподавателей английского языка, тренер по подготовке к сдаче Кембриджских экзаменов TKT  3 Modules, TKT YL и CELTA тренер.

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Учебный план

Using Online Resources

This input session is aimed at helping teachers who are keen on refreshing their knowledge of the terms related to technology in ELT and eager to share ideas on various online tools that they use. We will discuss what websites we can use and how to make use of them.

Communicative Language Teaching

This webinar is delivered in English and aimed at helping teachers to brush up on their teaching skills, methods and approaches to teaching English as a foreign language.

Teaching English to Young Learners

This webinar is delivered in English and aimed at raising teachers’ awareness of young learner characteristics and ways of teaching different age groups.

Content and Language Integrated Learning

This webinar is delivered in English and covers the key principles of CLIL. Teachers will be able to understand the aims of Content and Language Integrated Learning and apply the principles to their English lessons.

Introduction to IELTS

This webinar is delivered in English with the aim of raising teachers’ awareness of the IELTS exam, the difference in General Training and Academic modules and some strategies that the teacher should work on if they prepare their students for the exam.

The secrets of lesson planning

Like before cooking a meal we need to buy all the ingredients, have the kitchen ready and find a recipe, before teaching a lesson we need to prepare the lesson plan and materials. The effectiveness of the lesson depends largely on the pre-lesson stage. In this webinar we will discuss the whats and hows of this process.


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